Smash Wii U – Bitter Victory Against Jovany – 1 on 1 – KvsJ – 2-24-2016

Smash Wii U – 1 on 1 – KvsJ – 2-24-2016

Me (Peach) vs Jovany (Ganondorf)

I seriously hate Ganondorf. Such a fast recovery, overpowered character. When he beats me on that first stock, I paused, complaining at him through Facebook’s group chat on how it was a perfect example of how just a few hits kills me and how annoying it is (haha). What happened is after I got him to 82% (me at 32%), I wasn’t able to hit him again because I was dead all of a sudden after just 5 quick but powerful hits.

So I ended up just giving up and not doing my best. Howeeeever, I think it was for that reason that the tabled had turned. I ctually managed to beat him this time. I’ve talked to Luis about how I hate Ganondorf and if he had any tips, and he says that I have to space him. And you know, maybe because I gave up (which I didn’t move as much or chased him around), I was actually spacing him. Perhaps that’s how I won? I can’t manage to pull it off again yet, though. I need to try harder.

Oh, and I was playing while exercising on my stationary bike. Haha. And that finisher in the end with the turnip followed by the crown attack was BEAUTIFUL.

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Oh, I definitely remember this one. It’s as if it happened a year ago, not 3. This was the beginning of me hating Smash Bros. for over 2 years. We all (Jovany, Luis, Yayo and me) stopped playing for good sometime in October of 2016 and only started Smashing again until Ultimate.

Anyway, I’m amazed at how well I played here. I do remember being really angry.

Man, that finishing mini combo was sweet.

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