Smash Wii U – Intense 1 on 1 Half the Match – Team Smash – KYvsLJ – 2015 06 08

Me (Rosalina) & Yayo (King Dedede) vs Luis (Capt. Falcon) & Jovany (Ganondorf)

Oh man, one of the toughest battles I’ve had with Jovany. All this time I thought it was Luis, but it was Jovany. We had a 1 on 1 in the end that took a long while since neighter of us would die. Haha. I’m gonna start using Rosalina more often. That Luma is actually very fun to use.

2015-06-11 15-22-21


This is crazy! Jovany and I were left to battle alone and it took almost half the entire battle to end it! I couldn’t take him out despite his high percentage. I’m surprised I lasted so long.

I’ve only used Rosalina once on Ultimate. I’m inspired to start playing as her again now.

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Kunou is a dog lover, video gamer, computer geek, and enjoys drawing anime style. Also a Super Smash Bros. & Fire Emblem fanboy.
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