Smash Wii U – Kun-sili’s Massacre – Teams – KTvsJR – 2015 07 23

Me (Lucina) & Toadsili (Shulk) vs Jovany (Ike) & Retrobert (Ness)

Toadsili gave no quarter now knowing that Retrobert’s not someone to mess with. Jova picked Ike, so we had to be extra careful here.


Geez, Toadsili! Even though you were my team mate, I still feel sorry for our opponents. However, I’m surprised Jovany wasn’t playing so well.

This must’ve been pretty embarrassing for them back then. Wow.

This battle was right after this one here.

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Kunou is a dog lover, video gamer, computer geek, and enjoys drawing anime style. Also a Super Smash Bros. & Fire Emblem fanboy.

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