Smash Wii U – Kunou’s Marth on Fire – Teams – KYvsJL – 2015 06 27

Me (Marth) & Yayo (Bowser) vs Jovany (Donkey Kong) & Luis (Capt. Falcon)

Hehe. I stopped Capt. Falcon’s Falcon Kick twice with a sword. Anyway, I can’t believe I did 5 kills on this match. I’m usually the worst player. 😀 Bowser, please don’t eat Marth’s arm in the victory screen. I need that arm for next battle!

2015-07-04 12-39-15-1


Cool, I was on fire in this match. I honestly don’t remember it one bit, though.

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Kunou is a dog lover, video gamer, computer geek, and enjoys drawing anime style. Also a Super Smash Bros. & Fire Emblem fanboy.

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