Smash Wii U – Lucina’s Fire Emblem Pride – Teams – K&vsJL – 2015 06 27

Me (Lucina) & Yayo (King Dedede) vs Jovany (Little Mac) & Luis (Capt. Falcon)

After loosing constantly when I stopped using the Fire Emblem characters, Yayo begged me to go back to using them. Relunctantly, I had to bother Marth. Marth wasn’t happy, so we lost. Lucina, gladly joined our just cause, and we won. Four knock outs out of six, in fact.



Wow, that’s crazy. I think I do remember getting tired of playing as the Fire Emblem fighters for a little while. Pretty cool how Yayo begged me to continue with them. We did awesome.

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Kunou is a dog lover, video gamer, computer geek, and enjoys drawing anime style. Also a Super Smash Bros. & Fire Emblem fanboy.

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