Smash Wii U – Rigo & Toadsili Have Skills – Teams – KTvsJR – 2015 07 23

Me (Marth) & Toadsili (Shulk) vs Jovany (Little Mac) & Rigo (Ness)

I told Toadsili to go easy because Rigo is sort of new. However, Rigo sure made us sweat! He’s really good with Ness! He’s been playing as Ness since the N64, so his talents here were no joke! Still, that Toadsili…

2015-07-30 22-34-05


Man, that Rigo. He’s sure something. Jovany wasn’t playing very well, though. If he had, we wouldn’t have had a chance.

Toadsili is amazing. He tackled both of them alone in the end. Dat Toadsili…

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