Smash Wii U – Super Spam Bros.? – Teams – KYvsJL – 3/6/16

Me (Corrin) & Yayo (King Dedede) vs Jovany (Zelda) & Luis (Capt. Falcon)

All right. After 3 days of arguing through Facebook group chat that we didn’t win because of “Yayo’s spamming”, I decided to prove them wrong with actual proof. Here are the spam stats by all of us, not just Yayo’s.

Kunou (Corrin): I shot 8 projectiles but only 3 actually hit. 10 counter attacks but only 3 successful ones (1 killed).

Jovany (Zelda): He shot 19 projectiles but only 4 hit. He also did 24 teleports but only 9 hit (but 1 killed).

Yayo (King Dedede): He shot 33 Gordos (spiked balls) but only 7 hit. 12 of them were reflected back but only 4 of them hit.

Luis (Capt. Falcon): He did 14 Raptor Boosts (those rapid slide uppercuts) in which exactly half of them hit. He also did 6 dash grabs (those insanely fast grabs) with 4 of them being successful.

So with that in depth and waste of time analysis, us winning because of Yayo’s spamming seriously makes no sense at all. Because…

1. Spamming is easily readable and punishable

2. Dedede’s Gordos are slow

3. Gordos can be easily reflected by any character with most attacks

4. Yayo’s spamming only favored us about a quarter of them

5. About a third of Yayo’s spamming were reflected back to him, 4 actually hitting him

6. Zelda’s combined fireballs and ridiculously fast teleports out-spammed Yayo’s spamming by almost a third more

If anything, Yayo’s spamming…no, everyone’s spamming just made the team battle as fair and stupid as any other typical Smash Bros. fight. We won fair and square, baby.

Granted, I know that this is only 1 replay out of the 9 fights we had, but our playstyle didn’t change at all on all of them, save for the first one where they used different characters (we massacred them, link below, hehe). I only recorded 3 fights out of 9 (6 wins from us) from the weekend of March 3rd, 2016:

P.S.: We need to learn how to play better. 🙂


Holy crap, how can I forget about this one? And look at that wall of text. Haha. I was tired of our team being accused of only winning because of spam, so I did some video editing magic to demonstrate otherwise. Though of course, the accusers even refused to watch this. So yeah, I wasted my time. That’s sad. Haha.

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