Smash Wii U – Teams – KPvsJY – 2015 07 12

Me (Peach) & Puker (Samus) vs Jovany (Donkey Kong) & Yayo (Rusty Old Bastard)

Daaang, Puker! We were on fire!

2015-07-30 22-09-50


This was a sweet fight with Puker as my team mate. He rarely played with us since he didn’t own a Wii U. His cousin did, though.

However, as I’m typing this just now, Puker did get a Nintendo Switch 2 or 3 weeks ago. Along with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, of course! He…plays it a lot, haha. I only play on weekends.

We actually played last night. He told me that he pulled an all nighter playing Ultimate but still played with me even though his hands were aching. He sure loves Ultimate!

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