SSB Ultimate – 4/20/19 – We Shouldn’t Ignore Palutena and Rusty Ol’ Bastard

I was doing so well on this fight! We even took Jovany down before I lost a single stock!

But I then got nervous right after and killed myself. Then Yayo stole my second stock as Jovany stole Luis’ second stock right before Luis was out.

Yayo stole my stock to battle Jovany 2 on 1 out of fear. But I could’ve taken him alone. I was on fire!

Yayo should stick with ROB on teams and I should use Palutena more often. She’s freaking good.


I was mostly playing bad, compared to Yayo, this time around. Even a small lack of sleep affects me greatly. I did started playing a lot better in the end, though. Not to mention, Palutena may replace Corrin as my second best. Heck, she may replace Peach as well.

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Kunou is a dog lover, video gamer, computer geek, and enjoys drawing anime style. Also a Super Smash Bros. & Fire Emblem fanboy.

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