SSS Rank in Frontier VS Revue (PvP) in Revue Starlight ReLive

RS – SSS Rank in Frontier PvP

SSS Rank in Frontier VS Revue (PvP) in Revue Starlight ReLive
SSS rank in Frontier only Vs. Revue (PvP)

I never thought I would make it to the highest rank in PvP of any game. If I had one more day, I know I could’ve gotten the rest of the prizes, too. I was so lucky to have pulled Snow White! I couldn’t have done it without her!

I didn’t take a picture of my team, but it was Cheshire Cat (Tsukasa), Pirate Queen (Shizuha), Arsene Lupin (Lalafin), and the overpowered Snow White (Misora). All ranked at 9 (most full). Some were level 75 instead of 80. Bond level 25 instead of 30 on almost all of them too.

Misora as Snow White
I got her with just 900 crystals in her banner! And Snow White is ridiculously OP! Her evasive skill buff on the whole party is insane. I would only have trouble against others IF they had her, too. Few of them would beat my entire team with just her alone!
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